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Technical Description

The Rivington Designs, Images for Industry series Version 13 is a collection of vector drawn images for inclusion into documents produced by a wide variety of word processors and graphics programmes.

The series consists of four packages which may be purchased individually or together.


1563 symbols including protective equipment signs, fire safety, hazard and prohibition signs; site speed limits, public information symbols and extinguishers to EN3.


893 symbols based on ICAO, IMDG and ADR standard labels for the identification of dangerous goods in transit. CLP/Harmonised GHS symbols, also hazard warning symbols conforming to the UK CHIPS regulations; Hazchem boards and placards; pipe line identification.


567 traffic signs including prohibitions, advisory signs, direction signs and limits. "Chapter 8" compliance symbols, lane closures and warnings.


526 IMO and SOLAS emergency and escape signs, fire control plan symbols, navigation, aircraft servicing and marine signalling symbols.


All images in the "Safety", "Hazard Labels", "Traffic" and "Marine" packages.


All packages are provided on CD-ROM. The 3.5 inch disc option is now discontinued.


The images can be loaded directly from the CD supplied. No special installation routine is necessary, saving valuable hard-disc space.


Image files are supplied in Windows Meta File (.WMF) format allowing use with a wide range of applications software including all popular Windows-based word processors including Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.


The Windows Meta File format allows images to be expanded to A4 size without loss of detail.


Images provided by Rivington Designs have been drawn by artists, not scanned electronically. This produces images of much greater quality in a more compact file size. The images reflect UK pattern and practice rather than US or European styles.


COLOURED files are available for those users with equipment which will print images in colour. Users should note that the images are designed to produce acceptable density and tone in the printed output of a colour, ink jet printer. When displayed on a computer monitor, the image colours may appear different from those printed.

GREY-SCALE images are optimised for printing on a monochrome ink jet or laser printer. The shades of grey used are designed to give a realistic impression of coloured surfaces and to enhance clarity and ease of reading.

Version 13.0 of the software includes both colour and optimised grey scale versions of the designs in the same package.


To use Rivington Designs images you need a computer and an ink-jet or laser printer. Though not specifically designed as such, most Apple Mac machines will read data from a Rivington Designs CD.


Application software need only be a Windows-based word processor ; the majority of Rivington Designs customers use Microsoft Word, though Microsoft PowerPoint is easier to use for more complex tasks. The images have been tested in Apple Mac applications such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. The images have not been extensively tested on  Linux based systems, though everything we have tried so far has worked.

Windows 7

At the time of writing, Microsoft Windows does not support thumbnail preview of WMF files. We are assured that this is a feature of Windows, not a bug. In all other respects, Windows treats WMF files as efficiently as any other graphics format. To replicate the funcionality of WMF thumbnail view, we suggest you install a third-party image viewer, which will not only provide a better viewing utility, but a host of other advantages.. Fortunately at the time of writing, this is available to you at no cost. We reccomend FastStone image viewer, which can be downloaded here


To help customers who wish to use safety symbols as illustrations in pages of the world wide web, (or other HTML documents), all packages delivered on CD now include compact, fast-loading bitmap representations of all symbols. These are at screen resolution and have been enhanced by special anti-aliasing techniques.


Orders from outside of the United Kingdom will be accepted provided EITHER they are accompanied by a cheque in pounds sterling drawn on a British bank OR paid for by an approved credit or debit card. Please note the section below concerning delivery.


Carriage and packaging charges for delivery to addresses in the United Kingdom is free. For delivery to addresses outside the UK, 10.00 per order. Our normal method of carriage is Royal Mail, first class, recorded delivery.

It is our intention to make deliveries as expeditiously as possible . If we have not already contacted you, please contact Rivington Designs if we have not fulfilled your order 14 days after the date of posting.

Rivington Designs is committed to a philosophy of continual improvement in all aspects of our products and service. For this reason product specifications given in this and other documents may be subject to change.

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