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Skip Signs

The Government-sponsored "Recycle Now" initiative has defined loads of signs to identify locations where all sorts of materials can be lodged for recycling. Their website is here, and the symbols are available for download here (you may have to register). Their focus is on the recycling of consumer or after-market scrap. What we at Rivington Designs are trying to develop is a range of symbols  to support internal scrap segregation regiemes and waste stream management inside an enterprise. We think there is a need for this and we'd really like to expand this part of the product. This is a work in progress so if there's a symbol you think we should add, please let us know.

Recycling Container Signs
No Bottles or cans sign, No Fires sign, No Solvents sign, No Metals sign, No Chemicals sign,No Liquids sign

Home > Safety & Site Management > Skip Signs

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