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CLP Symbols, ADR Labels etc.

Various dangerous goods labels.

The relatively new EU-CLP symbols appear first, otherwise known as UNCETDG/GHS, Globally Harmonised Symbols. Later we have, (in no particular order),  IATA Labels, ICAO Labels, ADR Labels, RID Labels, and IMDG Labels.

The ADR regulations can be found here, and a useful source of information for the carriage of dangerous goods by air is available here.

As usual, you should note the caveat on the home page of this website regarding compliance.

EU CLP Labels and Marks - GHS Pictograms
CLP Compressed Gas Label, CLP Corrosive Label, CLP Respiratory Hazard, CLP Hazardous Aquatic, CLP Flammable, CLP Oxidising
Various warning diamonds
UN 3245 Mark, UN 3373 Mark, ICAO Dangerous Goods Mark, Orange Book Limited Quantity, LQ Mark

Home > Hazard Label Symbols > CLP, GHS, ADR, IATA symbols

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